For 20 years she was a seamstress for Universal Studios working on such projects as The Blues Brothers, Scarface, Kindergarten Cop and Mask. Her friends used to call her “Chirpie,” and if you sit down with her for a few moments you would soon see why—she’s a talker. The great thing about it is, at 80+ years old, Gina has a lot of interesting stories to share—especially about her days playing second base for the Championship Fast Pitch Softball Team, the “Riverside Townies.” She was a bat girl at age 14 and began playing at 16. At under five feet tall, Gina was feisty in her game and wasn’t about to let her teammates down. By day, she worked at a glass factory making goggles for the Army and the Navy, supporting the war from home. After quitting time, she was ready to do battle for home plate.